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Printer Stands

Printer Stand Information

Let’s face it, printer stands are just downright practical. They allow room for printer accessory storage and free up desk space. When being used in an office a printer has a big job and is usually needing replacements quite often. With a printer stand there’s no need to make the extra trip to the supply room when you see that special light blinking that always makes everyone’s day. With a printer stand you simply grab more paper, or the extra ink cartridge sitting on the shelf.... click here to continue below.

Printer Stand

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How Printer Stands Make For a More Efficient Workspace

Free standing printer stands will make your work experience more efficient for several reasons. First is they open up desk space. Logic assumes, if your printer is on a printer stand that means it is not sitting on top of your desk. This creates more open desk space for you to work. Secondly, typically these stands come with casters, or wheels, as to make for a portable stand. This is obviously great because it allows for the printer to easily and efficiently be moved around the office. Thirdly, as mentioned before, they create storage space. Many stands come with some combination of adjustable shelving, cubbies, doors, and drawers creating a variety of storage options for all your printer accessories.

Recycle Print Cartridges

It may seem odd but printer stands can actually create environmental awareness in relation to the storage. On average, over 4.5 million computers are sold a year, so you can only assume quite a few printers are sold as well. It has been discovered that ink cartridges can have quite a harmful environmental impact. There have been many programs implemented within the United States and Europe to encourage the recycling of ink cartridges. To do so you save your original cartridge packaging, place the old cartridge in it, and mail it back to the manufacturer. If you have a printer stand in your office where you store the packaging, it makes it very easy to do your part for the environment. When it is time to change the cartridge all you have to do is simply pull it out, replace it, and put the old cartridge in packaging. It’s a simple one, two, three step process and a printer stand can help!

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